Black to Play - Draw (instead of Fine's Black Wins)

1...g5+ 2.hxg5! hxg5+! 3.Kxg5! Ke5! 4.Kh6 Kxe4 5.Kg5 holds instead of Fine's 5.Kg7? and 5.g5? 5...Kd4 5...Ke5 doesn't change the result 6.Kh6 Kf6 (or 6...Kf4 7.Kh5! f6 8.Kh4! Ke4 9.Kh5 Kd4 10.Kg6) 7.Kh5! 6.Kf6 Kxc4 7.Kxf7 and both sides queen

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Corrected as Position #168 in the Benko edition