Black to Play - Draw

1...Kb7 2.Kc3 Kb6 3.Kc4 g4 4.f3 f5 5.f4 Kc6 6.Kd3? Fine doesn't comment on this move, which should lose. Instead, White holds with 6.Kc3 Kd5 7.Kd3! e5 8.e3! g6 (8...e4+ 9.Kc3! Kc6 10.Kd2 Kb6 11.Kc2! White waits for ...Kb5 before playing Kc3 in order to make Black use his spare tempo with ...g6 11...Kb5 12.Kc3! g6 13.Kd2! Kb4 (13...c4 14.Kc3 cxb3 15.Kxb3) 14.Kc2! c4 15.bxc4! Kxc4 16.b3+!=) 9.Kd2! exf4 10.gxf4! Ke4 11.Ke2! and Black must retreat 6...Kd5! 7.Kc3 e5? Black should first advance his king 7...Ke4 8.Kc4 (8.Kd2 Kd4 9.e3+ Ke4 10.Ke2 Black has the spare move 10...g6-+ and now it is White who must give ground) 8...e5! 9.e3 (White is also too slow after 9.fxe5 Kxe5 10.Kxc5 g5 11.e3 Ke4!) 9...exf4! 10.exf4 10.gxf4 Kxe3 11.Kxc5 Kxf4 12.b4 axb4 13.Kxb4 Ke5 14.Kc5 f4 15.b4 g3) 10...Kf3! 11.Kxc5 Kg2! 12.b4 axb4! 13.Kxb4 Kxh2 14.Kc4 Kxg3 15.b4 Kf3 16.b5 g3 17.b6 g2 18.b7 g1Q 19.b8Q Qc1+ 20.Kd5 Qxf4 and Black wins the queen ending with 2 extra pawns. Finally, in the note to White's 8th 8.fxe5? [Fine shows in the main line that 8.Kd3! leads to a draw] Fine's 8...g5? allows White to draw [Instead, 8...Kxe5 wins as in the note to Black's 6th move] 9.e3 Kxe5 10.Kd2 Instead of Fine's 10.Kc4? 10...Ke4 11.Ke2! f4 12.exf4 gxf4! 13.gxf4 Kxf4 14.Kf2 Ke4 15.Kg3 now Black is too slow in the race so he must guard the g-pawn 15...Kf5! with a draw

Uncorrected as Position 158 in the Benko edition.

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