White to Play - Draw

1.Kc6 Kc8! 2.Kd5 Kd7 3.Kxe4 Kxd6 4.Kd4 Ke6 5.e4 a5 6.Kc5 g5 Fine's 7.f5+? loses. Instead, all the pawns come off after 7.fxg5 Ke5 8.h4 Kxe4 9.h5 Kf5 10.g6! hxg6 11.hxg6! 7...Kd7! instead of Fine's 7...Ke5? 8.e5 a4 9.Kb4 g4 10.Kxa4 h5! 11.Kb4 h4 12.Kc5 g3 and Black wins

Uncorrected as Position 162 in the Benko edition.