White to play - Draw

1.f4! a5? 1...Kc7 entering the square was Berger's main line leading to a draw after 2.fxg5 a5 3.Kg3! a4 4.Kh4! a3 5.g3! a2 stalemate 2.f5 instead of Fine's 2.fxg5? a4 3.Kg3! a3 4.Kh4! a2 5.g3! a1Q with a similar stalemate as Berger's line 2...gxf5 3.h4! a4 4.hxg5! Berger stops here with "gewinnen w├╝rde" (would win). Playing it out a few more moves. 4...a3 5.g6! a2 6.g7! a1Q 7.g8Q+! followed by 8. Qf7+ and 9. gxf5 leads to a winning queen ending with two extra pawns.

Analysis by Johannes Berger, Position 550 in Theorie und Praxis der Endspiele, 1890.