Black to play - Win

1...Kf6 1...h4 2.Kh3 Ke5! 3.f4+ (3.Kg4 hxg3! 4.Kxg3 Kf5! 5.Kg2 Kf4) 3...gxf4 4.gxh4 Ke4! 5.Kg2 Kd3! 6.Kf3 Kxc3! 7.h5 Kb3-+ is Benko's main line 2.Kh3 Kg6? allows White to draw Instead, 2... Ke6 3.Kg2 (3.Kh2 h4) 3... Ke5 4.Kh3 h4 5.gxh4 gxh4! 6.Kg4 h3 7.Kxh3 Kf4 8.Kg2 Ke3! 9.Kg3 Kd3 10.f4 Kxc3! 11.f5 Kb2 12.f6 c3! 13.f7 c2! 14. f8=Q c1=Q! and Black wins the queen ending 3.g4! h4 Fine just stops his variation here, presumably thinking the protected passed pawn is a winner, but White draws with 4.f4! gxf4 5.Kxh4! Kf6 6.g5+! Kf5 7.g6! Kxg6 8.Kg4! f3 9.Kxf3 Kf5 10.Ke3 Ke5 11.Kf3! and White can just shuffle between e3 and f3.

Corrected as Position 136 in the Benko edition