White to Play - Win

In the first variation 1.Kb2? White wins in the main line with 1.Kb1! 1...Kb7? Black holds the draw with 1...Ka8! 2.Kc3 Kc7 White wins with 3.Kd3 instead of Fine's 3.Kc4? This is a strange error since in the comments after this variation Fine notes With the White King at [d3] and the Black King at [c7], Black to play loses since he must play to the [b]-file to prevent [Kc4-b5] As a sample variation 3...Kb6 3...Kd7 allows 4.Kc4 and 5.Kb5 4.Ke3 Kc7 5.Kf3 Kd7 6.Kg3! Ke7 7.Kh4! Kf6 8.Kh5! Black is outflanked and loses the f-pawn.

Uncorrected as Position 134 in the Benko edition.

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