Black to Play - Draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

1...h5 2.h4 e5 3.c3+ Ke4? Fine gives 3...Kc4 4.Kc2 with no further analysis, but Black holds the draw 4...e4 5.Kd2! Kb3! 6.Ke3 Kxc3! 7.Kxe4 Kd2! 8.Kf5 Ke3 9.Kg6 Kf4 10.Kxh5 Kg3! 11.Kg5 Kxg2 12.Kg6 Kg3 13.h5 Kg4 and White must trade the last pawns. 4.Ke2! g6 5.Kd2 Kf4 6.Kd3 g5 7.hxg5! Kxg5 8.Ke4! Kf6 9.c4 also wins 9.Kd5 is Fine's main line. 9...Ke6 10.g3 Instead of Fine's 10.c5? 10...Kd6 11.c5+ Kxc5 12.Kxe5! and wins

Benko corrected the analysis in Position 118 of the revised edition, but left the text Even when the pawns are close together and the Black king is well placed, White experiences little difficulty. The example is then presented as ...shows this clearly