White to Play - Win

1.Ke4 Kc2 2.Qa6 Kb2 3.Qa4 Kb1 4.Qa5 Kb2 5.Kd5? White wins with 5.Qa4 When Black can't set up the same defense as the main line. For example, 5...Rc2 (5...c4 6.Qb4+ Kc2 7.Kd4) 6.Qb5+! Ka2 7.Kd3 Rc1 8.Kd2 and the pawn is lost 5...Rc2 Instead of Fine's 5...Kc2? 6.Ke4 c4! 7.Kd4 Kb1 8.Qa3 Rc1! 9.Ke3 Rc2! 10.Ke4 Rc1 11.Kd4 Rc2! 12.Ke3 Rb2! 13.Qa5 Rc2! 14.Qe1+ Kb2 15.Qd1 Rc3+ 16.Ke4 Rc2

Analysis using computer generated chess endgame tablebase