Black to Play - Draw (instead of Fine's Black Wins)

1...Rc2 2.Qb1 Kc3 3.Qa1+ Rb2 4.Qc1+ Kxb3 5.Qd1+ Kb4 6.Qg4 Bxf2+ 7.Kd1 Bd4 8.Qxe4 c5 9.Qe1+ Ka4 10.Kc1 Rf2 11.Qd1+ Ka3 12.Qd3+ Kb4 13.Qa6 a4 14.Qb6+ Ka3 15.Qb5 Rb2 16.Qa6 Be3+ 17.Kd1 Rd2+ 18.Ke1! Rd4 19.Qb5 instead of Fine's 19.Qe6? White keeps watch on both pawns and does not let the Black king out. A sample line from the 7-piece tablebase runs 19...Bd2+ 20.Kd1! Bb4+ 21.Kc2 c4 22.Qe5 Rd2+! 23.Kb1 Kb3 24.Qe3+ c3 25.Qe6+ Ka3 26.Qc4 c2+ 27.Kc1! and Black doesn't have a way to make further progress

Uncorrected as Position 1095 in the Benko edition

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