Black to play – draw (instead of Fine's White wins)

1...Qf7+ 2.b3 Qd7 3.Qc3+ Ka6 4.a4 Qe7 5.b4 Qe2+ 6.Ka3 Qe4 7.a5 Qb1 8.Qc6+ Ka7 9.Qd5 Ka6? [9...Qa1+ 10.Kb3 Qf1 draws] 10.Qd6+? White wins tactically with [10.b5+ Ka7 (10...Kxa5 11.Qd8+ Kxb5 12.Qb8+) 11.Qd7+ Kb8 12.Qd8+ Ka7 (12...Kb7 13.a6+ Ka7 14.Qc7+ Ka8 15.Qb7#) 13.b6+] 10...Ka7? [10...Kb7! 11.Ka4 Qa1+ 12.Kb5 Qf1+ holds since White doesn't have 13. Kc6 winning as he does with the king on a7.] 11.Ka4! Qf1 12.Qd7+ Ka8 13.Qd4? [13.Qd5+ Ka7 14.Qd4+ Ka8 15.b5 wins as Black doesn't have any good checks and White is threatening a mating attack with Qd8+] 13...Qe2! 14.b5 Qa2+ 15.Kb4 Qb1+! 16.Kc5 Qc2+! 17.Kb6 Qg6+ [the stalemating trick 17...Qc7+ is simpler] 18.Kc7 Qf7+? [Again 18...Qc2+! followed by 19...Qc7+ draws] 19.Qd7! Qf4+ 20.Kc8?? anything but this 20...Qf8+?? [20...Qb8#!!] 21.Qd8 Qf7 22.a6 and White wins.

This is unchanged as position 1064 in the Benko edition.

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