Black to play - Draw

In variation A 1...Kg3 2.Ke1 Fine identifies 2...Be4 as the losing move. But Black could still hold 3.a4 Bc6 4.Rb2 e5 5.Rd2 b6 instead of Fine's 5...Be8?; 5...Be4 6.b4 b6 is also sufficient 6.Ra2 6.Kf1 Bb7 7.b4 Ba6+ 8.b5 Bc8 or 6.Rb2 Be4 7.b4 Bd5 8.a5 bxa5 9.bxa5 Bc4 are also both equal 6...Bb7 7.b4 Bd5 8.Rc2 Bb3 9.Rc6 f2+! 10.Ke2 Bd1+! 11.Kf1! Bxa4 12.Rg6+! Kf3! 13.Rf6+ Kxe3! 14.Rxf2 b5 and Black will win the b-pawn

Uncorrected as postion 955 in the Benko edition.

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