White to play - Draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

1.Kc3 a6 There are a series of mistakes in the first note 1...Kc7? 2.Kc4? (2.Rh7+! Kb8 3.Rh8+ Kc7 4.Ra8 prevents Black from reaching his desired setup.) 2...Kb6? (2...b6!) 3.Rh6 Kc7 4.Kc5? (White should systematically improve his position with 4.Rh7+ Kb6 5.a3 Bg2 6.Rh6+ Kc7 7.b4 Bc6 8.b5) 4...b6+! 5.Kd4 Bd7? (5...a5) ; the immediate 1...a5 is simpler. In Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual, it is shown that Black has a fortress with the structure b6-a5 and the bishop on the long diagonal. Then, 2.Kd4 b6! 3.Rh3 Kb7 is Position 953 (Draw) in the Benko edition. 2.Kc4 b6! holds the draw. (Instead of Fine's 2...Kb8?) Dvoretsky also demonstrates that the position after 3.b4 preventing ...a5 3...Ba4 is a draw.

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase.

Corrected in the Benko edition by substituting Position 953