Black to Play - Draw

1...f5 2.a4 a6 3.Kd4 Re8 4.Kd3 bxa4 5.Rxa4 Re1 6.Rxa6 Rg1 Fine incorrectly identifies this as the losing move. 7.Ra2 Kd6 8.c4 Ke5 9.Re2+ Kd6 10.Rc2 Kc5 11.Rd2 Black can still draw with 11...Re1 Instead of Fine's 11...Rf1? White has to give up his passed pawns in order to penetrate the Black kingside. For example, 12.Re2 Rd1+ 13.Ke3 13.Kc3 Rc1+ 14.Rc2? Rxc2+! 15.Kxc2 f4!-+ 13...Kxc4 and the d-pawn falls next.

Uncorrected as Position 845 in the Benko edition.