Black to play - Draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

1...Kf4 2.Ke2 Ke4 3.g3 Kf5! instead of Fine's 3...g5? 4.Kf3 Kg5! 5.h3 5.h4+ Kh5! 6.Kf4 g6! 7.Kf3 g5!= 5...Kf5! 6.g4+ Kg5 7.Kg3 g6 8.h4+ Kf6 9.Kf2 9.Kf4 g5+!; 9.Kf3 Kf7! 9...Kf7! 10.Ke3 Ke7! and Black has the opposition 11.Ke4 Ke6!

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebases

Uncorrected as position #67 in the Benko edition