Black to Play - Draw

1...Ra2 2.Rxa7 Rxf2 3.Rh7 h5 In the game continuation 4.a5 Rxg2 5.a6 Ra2 6.a7 Kg5 7.Re7 Kh4 8.Kb3 Ra1 9.Rc7 (instead of Fine's 9.Rxe6?) threatens to build a bridge with Rc4+ and Ra4 9...Kg5 9...Ra6 10.Rc4+ Kxh3! 11.Ra4 Rxa7! 12.Rxa7! is also a draw; 9...Kxh3? allows White to carry out his plan 10.Rc3+! Kg4 11.Rc4+! Kg3 12.Ra4 10.Kb4 e5 11.Kb5 e4 12.Kb6 e3 13.Re7 Kf4 14.Kb7 g5 or 14...Rb1+ 15.Kc8 Ra1 16.Kb8 Rb1+ 15.a8Q Rxa8! 16.Kxa8! g4 17.hxg4 hxg4 18.Rf7+! Kg3 19.Re7! Kf2 20.Rf7+! Ke2 21.Rg7! with a draw

Uncorrected as Position 816 in the Benko edition.