White to Play - Draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

1.Ke5 Rh6! 2.Ra4 g3! instead of Fine's 2...Kf8? 3.d6 3.Rg4+ Kf8 4.Rxg3 Ke7 5.Ra3 f6+ and the Black king gets access to d6. 3...Rh2 4.f6+ Kh6! 5.Rg4 5.d7 Rd2! 6.Rg4 is a worse version of the main line (but White even loses after 6.Rd4? Rxd4! 7.Kxd4 g2! 8.d8Q g1Q+!) 5...g2 6.d7 g1Q! 7.Rxg1! Rd2! and the d-pawn falls

Uncorrected as Position 812 in the Benko edition.