Black to play - Draw

Two corrections in the notes to the game continuation 1...a5 2.Rh7 Rc2 3.Re7 On 3.Ka4 Rxa2+ 4.Kb5 c6+? (Instead, Black makes a draw with 4...Ra3 5.Rxc7 Rxb3+ 6.Kxa5 Rf3 7.Rf7 Kc5 when the mate threat forces White to repeat moves with 8.Rc7+!) 5.Kb6 Rb2 White wins with 6.Rd7+! (instead of Fine's 6.Kxa5?) The White king can use the Black pawns for temporary shelter. Some sample variations are 6...Ke6 (6...Ke4 7.Kxb7! Kxf4 8.e6! Rxb3+ 9.Kc7+-) 7.Rd6+! Ke7 8.Kc7 Rf2 (8...Rxb3 9.f5! a4 10.Rd7+! Ke8 11.f6 Re3 12.f7+ Kf8 13.Kd6+-) 9.Rf6 b5 (9...Rf3 10.Kxb7 Rxb3+ 11.Kxc6 a4 12.f5+-) 10.Kxc6! a4 11.bxa4 bxa4 12.Kd5!+- 3...b5 4.f5? c6! (instead of Fine's 4...b4+?) puts the White king in a mating net. The threat is ...b4+ and ...Rxa2#. The only way for White to avoid this is to give up his rook 5.Rd7+ 5.b4 Kc4! 6.bxa5 b4+ 7.Ka4 Rxa2# 5...Kc5 6.b4+ Kc4! 7.Rd4+ Kxd4! and Black wins.

Uncorrected as Position 808 in the Benko edition.