Black to play - Draw (Instead of Fine's White Wins)

1...Ke6 2.Ra6 h5 3.a4 Rxd6 4.Rxa7 Rb6 5.a5 Rb3+! 6.Kf2 Fine's 6...Rb2+? gives away the draw. Instead, Black's active king gives sufficient counterplay to draw after 6...Rb4! 7.Ra8 Rxe4! 8.a6 Rf4+! 9.Ke3 Rf7! 10.Ke4 Rf4+! 11.Kd3 Rf7! 12.Kc4 Kf5! 13.Rb8 Kg4! 7.Kg3 Rb3+ 8.Kh2 Ra3 9.a6 Kd6 Now, Fine's 10.Rg7? returns the favor. White should first divert the Black king with 10.Ra8! Kc7 11.a7 Kb7 and only then 12.Rg8 10...Kc5! 11.Rxg6 Kd4! 12.g4 Finally, in the long variation 12...Ra2+! 13.Kg1 Ra1+! 14.Kf2 Ra2+! 15.Ke1 Ra1+! 16.Kd2 Ra2+ 17.Kc1 hxg4! 18.Kb1 Ra5 19.h5 g3! 20.h6 g2! 21.Rxg2 21.h7 Rxa6! 21...Rxa6! 22.Rh2 Ra8! 23.h7 Rh8! 24.Rh4 Ke3! 25.Kc2 Kf3 26.Kd2 Kg3 27.Rh6 Kf3 28.Kd3 Kf4! 29.Rh1 Kf3! draws (Instead of Fine's 29...Rd8+?) The only real try is to transfer the rook to the 7th rank. 30.Rf1+ Kg4! 31.Rf7 Kg5 32.Kc4 Kg6! 33.Re7 Kf6! 34.Rc7 Rd8 35.Kc5 Rh8 36.Kd5 Rd8+ 37.Kc6 Rh8 38.Rd7 Rc8+ 39.Kd5 Rh8 40.Rd6+ 40.Kd6 Re8 40...Kg5 41.Kxe5 Rxh7! with a book draw since the Black king is on the short side of the pawn

Uncorrected as Position 773 in the Benko edition.