Black to play - Win

1...f5? Black wins with 1...Rh7 2.Rg3 Rd7 but it is likely that the White rook should be on h8 in the starting postion, when the evaluation would be a draw 2.gxf5+! Kxf5 3.Rh5+ Ke6 4.Rh6+ Kd7 5.b5 axb5 6.cxb5 cxb5 7.Ke4 Re7 8.Rb6 Kc7 White holds the draw with 9.Rh6 instead of Fine's 9.Rxb5? The only try for Black to make progress is to advance the b-pawn 9...b4 10.Rb6 b3 11.Rxb3 Kc6 but here White can guard his pawn from behind with 12.Rc3! when he can't be placed in zugzwang like in Fine's line.

Uncorrected as Position 771 in the Benko edition.

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