White to play - Draw

Fine's 1.Ra8? should lose. Instead, White draws by holding up Black's kingside advance 1.Rb5 Ra2 2.a5! Ra3+ 3.Kg2 Kh6 4.Rc5 Kg5 (4...f4 5.h4!) 5.Rc7 and the best Black can do is a theoretically drawn 2 vs. 1 position on the kingside 1...g5! 2.a5 2.Ra6 f4+ 3.Kg4 (3.Kf3 Rh2) 3...Rg2+ 4.Kh5 f3 Here Black can win with 2...Kg6 Instead of Fine's 2...Rb3+? 3.a6 3.Kf3 f4 4.Ra6+ (4.a6 Rh2 is the main line) 4...Kh5 5.Ra8 Rb3+ 3...f4+ 4.Kf3 Rh2 5.Rh8 5.Kg4 Rg2+ 6.Kf3 Rg3+ winning the h-pawn, but still having time to get back to stop the a-pawn. 5...Ra2 6.Ra8 Ra3+ 7.Kg2 7.Kg4 Rg3# 7...g4 8.hxg4 Kg5 and Black's connected passed pawns will carry the day

Uncorrected as position 754 in the Benko edition.