Black to Play - Draw (Instead of Fine's White Wins)

1...Ra3 Fine's line b) is also sufficient to draw 1...h4 2.gxh4 f4! 3.a7 Ra1! 4.h3 Fine stops here, but Black draws with 4...g3! 5.f3 (5.fxg3 fxg3 is a trivial draw) 5...Ra2+ 6.Kf1 Ra1+ and White must repeat with 7.Kg2! 2.a7 Ra1 3.f4 gxf3+! instead of Fine's 3...Ra3? 4.Kxf3 h4 and White will be left with a g-pawn or h-pawn(s) which the Black king blockades. The black rook can check the White king away if it tries to approach the a pawn.

Corrected as Position 734 in the Benko edition.