Black to play - Black wins

In the note to White's 2nd move 1...f5! 2.Ra4 Kg2 3.Ra6 Rh3+! 4.Kf4 Rh4+! 5.Ke5 Fine's 5...Re4+? allows White to draw. Instead 5...Kxf2 6.Rxg6 f4! wins 7.Ke4 else the White king will be cut off along the rank after ...f3. 7...f3+! and Black will soon achieve Lucena's position 6.Kf6! Rg4 7.f4! Rxf4 8.Kxg6! Rf1 9.Kg5 f4 10.Kg4 instead of Fine's 10.Kf5? 10...f3 11.Ra3! Now the only way to make progress is 11...f2 When White has perpetual check with 12.Rg3+! Kh2 13.Rh3+!

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebases

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