White to play - Draw (instead of Fine's Black wins)

1. Ra4+ At some point White's king will need to shelter itself from checks by playing Kh6. In the Benko edition an additional note is added giving 1. Kh6 g5 as winning for Black, but this is a similar draw as in the line shown here 1...Kd5 2. Ra5+ Kc6 Now following the note 3. Kh6! instead of the losing 3. Ra6+? in the main line 3...g5 4. Ra3 instead of Fine's 4. hxg5? holds the draw as the White rook can reposition to attack the a-pawn from the side also stopping the h-pawn, which also shields the White king from checks. For example, 4...gxh4 5. Rc3+! Kb5 a neat parallel line is if Black heads immediately to the kingside with 5...Kd5 6. Rc2! Ke4 7. Kh5! Kf3 8. Rb2 and now White checks with the rook from the queenside if the Black king tries to protect the h-pawn 8...Kg3 (8...h3 9. Kh4! doesn't help) 9. Rb3+! Kg2 10. Rb2+! Kg1 11. Kxh4+ = since the Black rook can't check on the first rank. 11...Kf1 12. Rh2 establishes the same formation as the main variation 6. Rc2! Kb4 7. Rh2 and Black can't make progress. If the king guards the b-pawn White checks with his rook on the h-file. If the king approaches the kingside White brings his king down the h-file to collect the pawn and can then play back and forth betwen h3 and h4.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase

Uncorrected in Benko edition, position #723

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