Black to play - Draw

In the first note 1...Re3 1...Re4 2.Rf2 Rg4 3.Kb2 Re4 Fine indicates this as the losing move, but Black can still hold 4.g3 Re5! 5.Rf4+ Kb5 6.Ka3 Rd5 7.Rf3 Ka5 8.b4+ Kb5 9.Kb3 Kb6 10.Kc4 Kc6! 11.Rb3 Re5? the real lemon (11...Rd8! 12.b5+ Kb6! 13.Rf3 Rg8! 14.Kd4 Kxb5! 15.Ke5 Kc4! 16.Kxf5 Rf8+ 17.Kg4 Rg8+! 18.Kh3 Rh8+ 19.Kg2 Kd5! 20.Re3 (20.g4 Ke6) Black has set up the frontal defense 20...Rg8) 2.Rf2 Rxb3? Black should play 2...Rc3+ first then capture the pawn 3.Rf4+ Ka3 White wins with 4.Rxf5! (instead of Fine's 4.Rf3?)since 4...Rg3 [Black can't win the pawn 4...Rb2+ 5.Kc3! Rxg2 6.Ra5#!] 5.Rf3+! leads to a winning pawn ending