Black to play - Draw

1...g4 2.c6 Fine's 2...g3? loses. Bringing the king back to stop the pawn as in the main line with 2...Ke7 is one way to draw 3.c7 Instead of Fine's 3.Rxg3? 3...Rg8 3...g2 4.Rg3! Ra5+ 5.Kc6 Rg5 6.Rxg5 Kxg5 7.c8Q! g1Q 8.Qg8+! 4.Rxg3 Rxg3 5.c8Q! with a winning ending for White. I'll quote Fine from BCE-601: With Queen vs. Rook and Pawn, Black must have Rook, King and Pawn close together to have any drawing chances at all. Here, with the Black forces widely scattered, White's job is not difficult. Here is a sample variation 5...a3 5...Rb3 is the move that holds out the longest per the tablebase (mate in 28), but this allows White to immediately win the pawn with 6.Qc6+ 6.Ke4 Kg5 6...a2 7.Qa6+; 6...Rg5 7.Qf8+; 6...Kg7 7.Qc7+; 6...Kg6 7.Qg8+ 7.Qf5+ Kh6 7...Kh4 8.Kf4 Rg7 9.Qf6+ 8.Qf4+ Rg5 9.Qf8+ picks up the pawn

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase

Uncorrected as position 718 in the Fine edition