White to play - Draw

In the first note, 1.Kd1? Fine's 1...Rd3+? allows White to reclaim the half-point. 1...Re3 cutting off the king from the g-pawn is one way to win, for example 2.d5 g3! 3.Rc8 Kf7 4.Rc4 Kf6! 5.Rg4 (5.Kc2 Ke5! picks up the d-pawn) 5...Kf5 6.Rg8 Ke4 7.d6 Kd3! 2.Ke2! Rxd4 3.Rxc3 Rf4 Fine concludes that Black wins with reference back to Position 309. That cross reference looks to be incorrect as BCE-309 deals with central pawns and bishop pawns. Here, White holds the draw with 4.Rc5! cutting off the Black king 4...g3 4...Rf5 5.Rxf5 Kxf5! 6.Kf2 and the White king gets in front of the pawn 5.Rc3 Rg4 5...g2 6.Rg3+ 6.Kf1 with a draw

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase.

Corrected as Position 717 in the Benko edition.

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