Black to play - Draw

1...Rf4+ 2.Ke2 Kd4 3.Rb6 Kc5 4.Rb8 Rh4 5.Rh8! Kd4 6.h7! Rh2+ Fine gives a variation 7.Kf3? 7.Kd1! as played in the game Spielmann-Landau is the main line, leading to a draw 7...Kd3? 7...b4! is the only winning move, when White's king is a move too slow 8.Kg4 b3! 9.Kg5 b2! 10.Rb8 Rxh7 11.Rxb2 Kc3 and wins 8.Kg4 (instead of Fine's 8.Rd8?) holds by bringing the king to defend the h-pawn 8...b4 9.Kg5 b3 10.Kg6 b2 11.Rb8! d4 11...Kc2 12.Rc8+! Kd1 13.Rb8! 12.Rxb2!

Analysis using chess engame tablebase.

Uncorrected as Position 716 in the Benko edition.