White to play - Draw

1.Kd4 Ra4+ Black can also draw with 1...Rf8 2.Re5 g4! 3.Rg5 Rf4+! (instead of Fine's 3...Ra8? when White wins with 4.Ke4! [instead of Fine's 4.Ke3? which again allows the king to be cut off by 4...Ra4 {instead of Fine's 4...Ra3+?} ] ) 4.Ke3 Ra4 and White can't make progress with his king cut off 2.Kd3 Ra8! 3.Ke4 Rf8! 4.Kd4 g4 the same variation as the note on move one arises after 4...Rf4+ which Fine gives a question mark 5.Re4 Rf8 6.Re5 g4 7.Rg5 and again Black has 7...Rf4+! In the final note 5.Ra1 Rf4+! 6.Ke3 Rf8? (6...Rb4 or 6...Rf5 hold) White wins with 7.Ke4 followed by Ra6+ breaking the blockade. For example 7...g3 8.Ra6+! Kc5 8...Ke7 9.Ke5 9.Rc6+ Kb5 10.Rc2 and the pawns roll home

Uncorrected as Position 713 in the Benko edition.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

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