White to Play - Draw

In the final variation after 1.g4 Kc6 2.Kg3 Kb6 3.Ra8 Kb5 4.h3 Kb4 5.Kf4 Rc2 6.Rb8+ Kc3 7.Ra8 Fine says White would win after 7...Kb2 but it is still a draw 8.h4 a1Q 9.Rxa1! Kxa1 10.g5 Rh2 instead of Fine's 10...Kb2? 11.Kg4 Kb2 12.g6 Kc3 13.h5 Kd4 14.Kf5 Rxh5+ 15.Kf6 with a draw

Analysis using computer generated tablebase.

Corrected as Position 711 in the Benko edition by removing the note.

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