White to play - draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

Fine correctly notes that Black would be in zugzwang if he had the move, but White can't lose a tempo. 1.Kf2 1.Rg7 Kb5! 2.Rg5+ Ka6! and White can't break the blockade. Black keeps the rook on the 3rd rank to prevent the White king from advancing.; 1.Ra8 Kb7 2.Rg8 Ka6 is similar 1...Rf3+! instead of Fine's 1...Rb1? 2.Ke2 2.Kg2 Rb3 repeats. King moves to the f or h files or g1 are met by rook checks on the 3rd rank. 2...Rf8! 3.b7 3.Rc7+ Kb5! 4.b7 Rb8 and Black will collect the two White pawns; 3.Rg7 Kb5! 4.Rg5+ Ka6 and Black will deflect the rook away from guarding a5 by ...g3 3...g3! 4.Ra8 4.a6 g2! 5.Ra8 g1Q! 6.Rxf8! Qg4+ and Black at least has perpetual check. 4...Rf2+! 5.Ke3 Kxb7! with a draw

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase

Uncorrected as Position 708 in the Benko edition