Note that this position is labelled 352a in BCE. Since there already was a position 352a
and this position follows 353, I am calling it 353a.

White to Play - Win (instead of Fine's Draw)

1.Rf3 Rxa4 White wins with 2.Kg5! (Instead of Fine's 2.Kg7?) White gains a tempo to advance his pawn since Black does not have a disruptive check on the g-file. Benko gives the following continuation in the revised edition 2...Ra1 3.h6 Rg1+ 4.Kh5! Rh1+ 5.Kg6! Rg1+ 6.Kf7 Rh1 7.Rf6 and wins. Carrying the analysis one more move after 7...Ra1 8.Kg7 White can block checks by the Black rook from either direction.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Analysis corrected as Position 702 in the Benko edition, although the starting position is still incorrectly evaluated as a draw.

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