Black to play - White wins

The main position of BCE-324b has the White rook on e1. At the end of the analysis, instead of adding a new position number, Fine just states having the rook at R7 does no good because of 1...Rb8 but here White wins with a triangulation maneuver. 2.Kd6+! Kf6 3.Kd7 Kg7 4.Ke7 Kg6 4...Rb2 5.Ra8 is a win for White as shown in BCE-324a 5.Ra1 Rb7+ 6.Kd8 Kf6 6...Rb8+ 7.Kc7 Rb2 8.Re1 Rc2+ 9.Kd7 Rd2+ 10.Ke8 followed by e7 7.e7! Rb8+ 7...Rxe7 8.Rf1+! Ke6 9.Re1+! picks up the rook 8.Kc7 Re8 9.Kd6 Rb8 10.Rf1+ Kg7 11.Kc7 Ra8 12.Ra1!

Analysis using computer generated chess endgame tablebase