Black to play - White wins (instead of Fine's Draw)

1...Ka4 1...Rh8 2.d5 Rh4 3.d6 Rh6 4.Kd4 Rxd6+ 5.Kc5 is a similar theme to the main line; as is Fine's line with 1...Ka6 2.Ke4 Re8+ 3.Kd5 Rd8+ 4.Ke5 Re8+ 5.Kd6 Rd8+ 6.Kc6. Black doesn't have enough checking distance after 1...Rd7 2.d5 is the simplest. Fine's moves 2.Ke4 and; 2.Rb6 don't immediately throw away the win, but White needs to eventually reverse himself and play the d5 idea. 2...Rxd5+ 3.Kc4 threatening both the rook and mate.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebases

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