Black to Play - Win

1...Rg8! 2.Kb5 Ke7 3.Kc6 Rh8 4.f5 Rf8 5.h5 Rh8 6.f6+ Ke6! 7.f7 Ke7 8.h6 Rc8 9.h7 Rf8? 9...Ke6! wins in similar fashion to the main line by forcing the White king to the b-file White can now draw with 10.Kd5! Rc8 10...Kd7 11.Ke5! 11.Ke5! Rh8 now White can constantly threaten to support his c- or g-pawn with his king and Black can do nothing except oppose with his king 12.Kf5 Kxf7 13.Ke5! Ke7 14.Kf5! with a draw.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase