Black to play - White Wins (instead of Fine's Draw)

The main BCE position has White winning with the black knight on d4. Fine states wihtout analysis that Black could draw with the knight on c6, c4, d3 or h3. In the latter case, White can still win. 1...Nf4+ else Bg7 is mating 2.Kf7 2.Bxf4? is stalemate 2...Ne6 presumably this was Fine's idea. The knight is still immune because of stalemate, so White will have to loosen the mating net. However, the Black knight can still be corralled. 3.Nd5 Nd8+ On 3...Kh7 4.Bd2 Nc5 the Black king gets put back in the mating net 5.Nf6+ Kh8 6.Be3 Nb7 7.Bh6 Nd6+ 8.Kg6 Nf5 9.Bf8 Ne7+ 10.Kf7 Nf5 11.Ne4 Kh7 12.Ng5+ Kh8 13.Ba3 Ng7 14.Bc1 Nf5 15.Bb2+ Ng7 16.Bxg7# 4.Ke8 Nc6 5.Bd2! Kg8 getting off of the long diagonal to give the Black knight access to d4 and e5. The variations after 5...Kh7 6.Bc3! are similar 6...Na7 (6...Kg6 7.Kd7 Nb8+ (7...Na7 8.Nc7 and 9.Bd4) 8.Kc7 Na6+ 9.Kb6 Nb8 10.Nf6 traps the knight) 7.Kd7 Nb5 8.Bb2 Na7 (8...Kg6 9.Ne7+ Kg5 10.Nc8 and 11.Kc6; or 8...Kh6 9.Ne7 Na7 10.Nf5+ Kg5 11.Nd6) 9.Nc7 and 10.Bd4 6.Bc3! dominating the knight 6...Na7 7.Kd7 Nb5 8.Bb2 again the knight is dominated 8...Kf7 9.Nb6 Na7 10.Nc4 now ready to go to a3 or d6 to take away b5. 10...Nb5 11.Be5 dominating the knight from another direction while Nc4 takes away a3, White is now ready to close in with his king. 11...Kg6 12.Kc6 Na7+ 13.Kb7 Nb5 14.Kb6 and the Black knight is caught.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Corrected as Position 557 in the Benko edition.

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