White to play - Win

In the first note 1.Be5+ Kg8 2.Bg7! Bh4 3.Nf4! Be7 4.Nd5 Bd8 5.Bh6 faster is 5.Ne3 intending 6.Nf5 and the Black bishop will be unable to cover both e7 and h6 5...Bh4 6.Ne3? White has to return to the previous note with 6.Bg7! 6...Be7! 7.Nf5 7.Bg7 is also met by 7...Bf8! 7...Bf8! Instead of Fine's 7...Bd8? breaks the noose around Black's king.

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase.

Uncorrected as Position 555 in the Benko edition.

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