White to play - Win (instead of Fine's Draw)

1.Be4 h6 2.Bf5 Nb6 3.Bc2 Nd7 4.Bb3 Nb6 5.Ke4 Kf8 6.Kf5 Nc8 7.Ke6 Ne7 8.Kd6 Ng6 9.h4 instead of Fine's 9.e6? Shipov describes the way to break the blockade: ...it is the bishop, not the pawn, that must be placed on e6, in which case he controls the knight’s four retreating squares! Then the white king deprives the black knight of the fifth ...square from d7, immobilizing the black knight completely at the same time. And finally, the white pawn, having reached the h5-square, attacks the sixth and last square, thus completing the zugzwang canvass. Shipov's main line continues 9...Ne7 10.Be6 Ke8 11.h5 Kd8 12.g4 g6 13.Bd7 gxh5 14.gxh5! Ng8 15.Bg4 Ne7 16.Be6 Ke8 17.Kc7 Kf8 18.Kd7 and Black is in zugzwang.

Analysis by Sergey Shipov on the old Club Kasparov website.

Uncorrected as Position 500 in the Benko edition.