White to Play - Win

In the first variation 1.Bd5 Nb6 2.Bg8 Kf8 3.Bxh7 Kg7 Fine's 4.Kc5? allows Black to hold. Instead 4.e6! forces Black to immediately deal with the e-pawn. 4...Nc8 (4...Na8 5.e7 Nc7 6.Kc5 Kxh7 7.Kd6 is no better.) 5.Kc5 Kxh7 6.Kc6! 4...Na4+! Instead of Fine's 4...Nc8? 5.Kb4 5.Kb5 Black wins the Bishop and has time to return to stop the pawn after either 5...Nc3+! 6.Kc6 Kxh7 7.e6 Ne4! 8.Kd7 Nf6+ 9.Kd8 Kg7; or 5.Kd6 Kxh7! 6.e6 Kg7 7.e7 Kf7! 8.Kd7 Nc5+! 9.Kd8 Ne6+ 5...Nb6! 6.Kb5 Nd7! hitting e5 and Bh7 7.Bxg6 Kxg6! 8.e6 Nf6 9.Kc6 Kf5 10.Kd6 10.e7 Ke6]10...Ne4+ 11.Kd5 11.Kd7 Nc5+ 11...Nf6+ with a draw

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase

Uncorrected as postion #499 in the Benko edition

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