White to play - Win (Instead of Fine's Draw)

1.h6 Instead of Fine's 1.Kf5? 1...Kg8 1...Bf4 2.Nc6 Bc7 3.h7; 1...Bc7 2.Nf5 Be5 3.Ng7 Bf4 4.Ne6 Be3 5.h7 and as in the correction to BCE-229, the only move to stop immediate mate is 5...Bg5 6.Kxg5 2.Nf5 Bf4 3.Ne7+ Kh8 4.Nc6 Bc7 5.h7 with mate in two via Nd8-f7# or Ne5-f7# depending on where Black moves his bishop.

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase.