White to Play - Draw

1.Ne6 Bh4! 2.Nc5 Bd8? 2...Bg3! 3.Kh6 Bf4+ holds the draw. Now, White wins with 3.Kh6! instead of Fine's 3.Nb7? 3...Bc7 3...Bb6 4.Nb7 Bc7 5.Kg6! and Black must abandon d8 or d6; 3...Be7 4.Nb7 Bb4 5.Nd8; 3...Bh4 4.Nb7 Be1 5.Nd8 4.Ne6 and Black can't cover d8, f8, f4, g5 so the knight finds a route to either f7 or g6. 4...Bf4+ 4...Bd8 5.Nf8 5.Kg6! Bg5 else White plays either Nd8 or Ng5 followed by Nf7# 6.Kxg5

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase

Uncorrected as Position 479 in the Benko edition