White to play - Draw

1.Bb5! Ng4 2.Bd7? Fine's main line 2.Ba6 and 2.Kg2 are the only drawing moves 2...Nf2+! 3.Kg2 Nd3 4.Kh3 Kf3 5.Bc6+ Kf2 6.Kg4 Ne5+! 7.Kxg5 Kg3! 8.Bb7 Ng4 9.Kh5 Fine's 9...Ne3? allows a draw. Black wins by pushing the h-pawn 9...h3 10.Bc6 h2 11.Bh1 Ne3 12.Kg5 Ng2 13.Kf5 Kf2 10.Bc8! instead of Fine's 10.Bh1? is a draw since Black can no longer block the h3-c8 diagonal as one of his pieces will always be tied to the defense of the h-pawn.

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase.

Corrected as Position 472 in the Benko edition.