White to play - Win

1.Nd6! Bg1 2.c6! Bb6 3.Ke6! Bc7 4.Kd7 Bb8 5.Nb5 Kg2 6.Nc7 Kf3 7.Kc8! Ba7 8.Nb5 Bb6 Fine rejects 9.Kb7 which wins and continues the main line with 9.Na3? Ke4 10.Nc4 when 10...Kd5! draws instead of Fine's (10...Bf2? 11.Kd7 Bg3 12.Nd6+ and White wins) 11.Kb7 Bd8! and the Black king ties one of the White pieces to the defense of the pawn, preventing further progress 9...Bd8 10.Nd6 instead of Fine's 10.Na3? 10...Kf4 11.Kc8 Bb6 12.Kd7 followed by Nc4

Analysis using chess endgame tablebase

Partially corrected as position 455 in the Benko edition.