White to play - Draw

1.Bg7 Kd5 2.Bh6 Kc5 3.Be3+ Kd5 4.Bg1 Ke5 5.Kc8 Kd5 6.Kb7 Nd6+ 7.Kc7 In the first note, Fine gives 7...Nb5+ a question mark. However, Black is still holding after 8.Kb6 Kc4! instead of Fine's 8...Nd6? which allows the pawn to advance. With the text, Black is ready to reposition his knight to d5, for instance 9.Bc5 9.Bd4!? Nd6! is OK here since the bishop is hanging 10.c7 Kxd4! 9...Nc3! since the advance 10.c7 runs into the fork 10...Nd5+! 11.Kc6 Nxc7!=

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Uncorrected as Position 447 in the Benko edition.