White to play - Draw (instead of Fine's White wins)

1.Be1+ Kb5 2.Bb4 b6 3.Be1 Kc5! 4.Bf2+ Kd5! 5.Kxb6 Be2 6.b4 Kc4 7.Ka5 Kb3! 8.a4 Here Black needs to shift his bishop to the a6-c8 diagonal to box in the White king 8...Bf3 instead of Fine's 8...Bf1? 9.Bc5 Bg2 Black needs to wait for the b5 push so that the b-pawn will be undefended if the White king goes forward, so not the immediate 9...Bb7? 10.Kb6 followed by a5 and a6 winning 10.b5 10.Kb5 Bf1+! makes no progress 10...Bb7 11.b6 11.Kb6 Kxa4! shows why Black waited for b5 11...Kc4 with a draw as White cannot free his king without giving up his b-pawn.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Uncorrected as Position 441 in the Benko edition.