White to Play - Win

1.Ba3! Kc4 2.Be7! f3 3.Bd8! Bxh2 4.Bb6! In the note to 4...g4 Fine's 5.Bf2? allows a draw. 5.a6! wins 5...Be5 (5...Kb5 6.Bf2! transposes back to Fine's main line) 6.b8Q Bxb8+ 7.Kxb8! g3 8.a7! f2 9.a8Q f1Q 10.Qa6+! 5...Be5 Instead of Fine's 5...Kb5? 6.a6 g3! 7.Bxg3! Bxg3! 8.b8Q Bxb8+! 9.Kxb8! f2 and unlike Fine's main line, Black queens first with a draw.

Uncorrected as Position 356 in the Benko edition.