White to play - Black wins (instead of Fine's Draw)

1.Kf7 Bc3! 2.d5 exd5! 3.g6 Bh8! Instead of Fine's 3...c5? which leads to a draw (instead of Fine's White Wins) after 4.f5! c4 5.f6 Bxf6 6.Kxf6! c3! 7.g7! c2! 8.g8Q! c1Q! 9.Qxd5+ 4.g7 4.Kg8 Bb2 5.Kf7 c5 6.f5 (6.g7 Bxg7! 7.Kxg7 c4 8.f5 c3! 9.f6 c2! 10.f7 c1Q! 11.f8Q Qg5+ and Black will exchange queens with either ...Qe7+ or ...Qd8) 6...c4! 7.f6 c3! 8.g7 c2! 9.g8Q c1Q! and Black wins with an extra piece. 4...Bxg7! 5.Kxg7 d4 6.f5 d3 7.f6 d2 8.f7 d1Q 9.f8Q Qg4+ 10.Kh6 10.Kh8 Qh5+ 11.Kg7 Qg5+ 10...Qe6+ followed by a queen exchange on e7 or e8.

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase.

Partially corrected as Position 305 in the Benko edition. Benko shifts the entire position one file to the right so that the winning move 3...Bh8 would become the illegal 3...Bi8. However, he inexplicably reverses the starting moves with 1. e5, which allows Black to win, instead of 1. Kg7, which is a draw.