White to Play - Draw

There are corrections to the notes in both of the main lines given by Fine.

#1 1.Bg3 c5! 2.Bc7 c4! 3.Ba5 Kf8! 4.Bd2 Kf7! Fine gives 5.Bb4 two question marks concluding that Black wins after 5...b6! 6.Bd2 a5! 7.Bc3 a4! 8.Bb4 b5! However, it is still a draw thanks to stalemate tricks 9.Bc3 a3! 10.Bb2 a2 10...b4 11.Bxa3 11.Ba1 b4 12.Bc3 bxc3 Black even loses after 12...b3? 13.Bb2 Kf8 14.f7 Kxf7 15.Bg7 and soon White will be able to play Kg8. 1/2-1/2

#2 1.Bf2 In demonstrating that 1...Kf8? is a blunder, Fine gives 2.Be3? (Instead White wins with 2.Bg3 c6 3.Bc7 Kf7 (3...b5 4.Bd6+ Kf7 5.Bb4) 4.Bb6 Kf8 5.f7 Kxf7 6.Bc5 a5 7.Bb6 a4 8.Bc5!) when Black draws in similar fashion to the other variations with 2...Kf7! 3.Bc5 a5! instead of Fine's 3...b6?

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebase