Black to play - draw

1... Kf5 2. Kc4 Ke4 3. Kc5 b5 Fine's main line is 4. Bh2 with the note that 4. Kxb5 loses to 4... Kd4 followed by e4 and Ke3. However, White has many ways to hold here. The basic idea is that since the White bishop can contol both pawns on one diagonal, White's king will have time to capture the g-pawn while the bishop sacrifices itself for the e-pawn. For example 5. Bf2+ Kd3 6. Kc5 e4 7. Kd5 e3 8. Bg3 Kd2 9. Ke4 e2 10. Kf4 e1Q 11. Bxe1! Kxe1 12. Kxg4 1/2:1/2

Analysis using computer generated endgame tablebases

Position 263 in the Benko edition. Corrected by removing note to White's 4th move.