White to play - Win

In the first variation 1.Ne4? The main line 1.Kd3! is the only way to win 1...Ke6! Instead of Fine's 1...c4? when White can win with 2.Kc3! (Instead of FIne's 2.Nxg5?) 2...b5 (2...Ke6 3.Kxc4 Ke5 4.Kd3! Kf4 5.Nf6! Ke5 6.Nh5 Kd5 7.Ng3 Ke5 8.Ke3 Kf6 9.Ne4+ Kg6 10.Kd4 and wins) 3.Nxg5 Kf6 4.Nf3 Kg7 5.Kd4 Kf6 6.Ke4 b4 7.Kf4 b3 8.g5+ Kg7 9.Nd2 b2 10.Nb1 Kg6 11.Nc3 Kg7 12.Kf5 Kf7 13.g6+ Kg7 14.Kg5 Kg8 15.Kf6 Kf8 16.g7+ Kg8 17.Nb1 c3 18.Nxc3 b1Q 19.Nxb1! Kh7 20.Kf7 2.Nxg5+ 2.Nxc5+ Ke5 3.Nd3+ (3.Nd7+ Ke6! 4.Nf8+ Kf7!) 3...Ke4 4.Kd2 Kf3 5.Ne5+ Kf4! and White loses his pawn 2...Ke5 3.Nh3 3.Nf3+ Kf4 4.g5 Kf5! 5.Kd3 b5 6.Ke3 b4! 7.Kd3 b3! 8.Kc3 c4! is also a draw. The knight must hold the g-pawn and the White king must stop the Black pawns. There won't be zugzwang as Black can wait with ...Kg6-f5-g6 9.Kb2 Kg6 3...b5 4.Kd3 c4+ 5.Ke3 b4 6.Nf4 b3! 7.Ne2 Kd5! 8.Nc3+ Ke5 9.Nb1 Kd5! 10.Kf4 Kd4! 11.g5! c3 12.Nxc3! Kxc3 13.g6 with a draw

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