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10/31/08 - October 2008 FIDE Rating List

There were big shakeups at the top of the FIDE rating list for October 2008. Two big tournaments, the Bilbao Grand Prix and the Tal Memorial saw all of the top players in action this period. When the dust finally settled Veselin Topalov (2791) had won Bilbao with room to spare and had reclaimed the world #1 spot. With a second place in Moscow, Alexander Morozevich (2787) kept the #2 spot. This kept him just ahead of the winner Vassily Ivanchuk (2786), who played a remarkable 50 games in the period! The number of games played by Ivanchuk was the tiebreaker that made him #3 ahead of #4 Magnus Carlson (2786) with the same rating. Vishy Anand (2783) had a surprising last place finish in Bilbao, so the World Championship match will be a matchup between the #5 and #6 Vladimir Kramnik (2772). Levon Aronian (2757) and Teimor Radjabov (2751) make it 8 players above 2750. The number of 2700+ players increased to 32.

One of the new members of Club 2700 is the USA's Hikaru Nakamura (2704), but the pecking order at the top remains 1. Kamsky (2729) 2. Nakamura 3. Onischuk (2644) 4. Seirawan (2634) and 5. Shulman (2616)

My result in the Colias Memorial gained me 16 points up to 2330. This puts me at #109 in the US, the highest I have ever been.